Easily track and report on behaviour and attendance

Edly lets you log student behaviour (both the good and the bad) and capture attendance simply via a smartphone or tablet. It can send parents and teachers instant reports on behaviour and attendance.

Capture and share student information, fast

Edly automatically stores student information, which can be accessed and reported on in real time. For example, if a student does something remarkable or worrying at the start of the day, you can notify teachers of later classes via Edly.

"Extremely helpful and even fundamental for any class or school"

Mr. Ruschenbaum, teacher

Simplify parent-teacher communication

Edly reports student behaviour and attendance to parents through our instant messenger, Note!. Students’ information is recorded on Edly, so you can access it whenever you need to refer to their behavioural or attendance history.

"I saw a marked improvement in both grades and attendance"

Ms. van Graan, grade head/head of maths department

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Customise it to suit your school policies

Edly is highly customisable. For example, you choose the behaviours you want to track and define incidents that need further action. You can also customise the severity or urgency of incidents, and decide what type of action needs to be taken – for example, whether the parents should be notified immediately via Note!.

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